Why doesn't YNAB remember upcoming transactions in the next month?

I have one transaction remaining in November, which will take the current $600 balance down to zero.


But when I switch to December to start budgeting there, YNAB tells me I'll have $600 cash left over from November, which is obviously wrong.

Why does it do this? I'm sure it didn't always behave like this.

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  • It always did this.  It takes scheduled transactions into account for budgeting purposes (turning a category yellow if you haven't funded enough to cover those transactions) but it never "charges" an account until the date of the transaction has arrived in reality.  This IS reality - you have that money until (let's say) November 30th and if it's not the 30th yet then it doesn't matter if you're looking at December's budget - that money is actually still there.

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  • Unlike a recurring appointment in a calendar, the recurring transactions don’t exist except for the next upcoming one. They do factor into the amount needed but if you look at scheduled transactions you will only see one. Try it with a daily recurring transaction and you’ll see what I mean. Also the available amount does not take into account any upcoming transactions. So if you have a $500 monthly insurance payment and have budgeted $500 to cover, the available column will still show $500 available until the transaction occurs. The toolkit lets you select that available column takes these into account but that only works on the web. I wish it worked for the mobile app as well. 

  • There's a thread called Feature Request Discussion #1. 

    What you want is the part (scroll down a lot) called Future, Committed Transactions.

    Or someone not on a phone can link directly if they're so inclined.

  • For EVER there was a "Budget for Upcoming" quick budget button.  It disappeared when they re-did the whole generic "Underfunded" thing.  I was told it was a bug and would come back.  It never did.  Neither will I, hah.

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