Can't delete a closed loan account

I followed the instructions on unwinding a loan account for a mortgage by closing the loan account and reopening the tracked account. All seems to have worked ok except I can't delete the loan account - the delete button is greyed out. Is there a way to delete this account?  Thanks!

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  • Hi, there! Sure is. Right now, you'll want to head to the web app to do this. First, you'll close the loan account. Then:

    1. Click All Accounts and enter the name of the closed Loan account in the Search bar.
    2. Select all of the transactions in the Loan account, then delete them. Note that deleting payments will also change the accounts those payments came from. You may need to adjust the budget accounts afterwards!
    3. Hover over the Loan account in the Closed accounts list and click on the pencil icon when it appears.
    4. In the window that pops up, click Delete Account.
  • I also have the same issue. I have closed the account and deleted all transactions to the loan, but I am still not able to delete it.

    • Slate Blue Thunder Thanks for letting us know! I just sent you an email so we can figure out what's happening in your case and get this account deleted for you. :)

  • Make sure to delete any edits (like the zeroing out transaction) in the closed loan account itself.

  • Just to give a different perspective, I mark them closed and let them live in the Closed group. It isn't expanded, so don't need to look at them unless I choose to for some reason.  One of the things I enjoy about YNAB is that it shows my financial history, and those accounts are part of that history, sort of like a scar. 

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