iPhone YNAB App: why contacting Facebook?

I've been reviewing the new App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2 and see that, every time I open the YNAB app, it contacts Facebook.com. I specifically do NOT have a Facebook account and pay YNAB annually for service. Can you please help me explain why this happens? If further monetization is needed, perhaps you might consider charging a separate amount in order to keep personal data private? Thanks for shedding light on this "interesting" discovery...

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  • Bibliophile Thanks for posting this! I'm not entirely sure why you're seeing that on your report, so I'm checking with our team to see if I can get some more insight! Most of our team is out for the holiday, but me or one of my teammates will be sure to update here when I have more info 👍🏻

    Of course, your privacy is super important to us! If you haven't already, here's where you can peruse our Privacy Policy. Here are the highlights, too: 

    - We do not sell users' data. (And we never have!)
     - We only access customer data after the customer has given explicit permission. 
     - Only certain members of the team have clearance to access customer data, and only after requesting permission. 
     - We review anonymous, non-identified data, at a macro level, to help make business decisions. 

    We'll let you know what else we learn! 

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  • Hi Rachel - I’ve been playing with this for a bit more today.  I’ve discovered that the Facebook link is only accessed when I visit your webpage and NOT when I use the app!  I guess this is expected behavior these days and I’m not as worked up as if you were sending FB information every time I used the app.

    • Bibliophile Yes, the tool from Facebook is specific to the main marketing site. Nothing from inside the app. We don't sell user data and take that seriously! Here are more details from the team:

      As a way to reach new potential YNAB customers, we advertise on Facebook. In order for us to know whether or not our ads are resonating with people, we use Facebook's Marketing Pixel on our marketing website (www.youneedabudget.com). This tool tracks page views and when a user signs up for a trial, but it's limited to those events.

      We do not track or send any activity to Facebook from inside of the YNAB app (app.youneedabudget.com).

  • Bibliophile said:
     I guess this is expected behavior these days

     I'm not sure how sending FB data when accessing the web page is any better than when accessing the mobile app...

  • I’ve come to expect it from most websites’ front pages - it seems that’s just what they do. However, if they’re trying to additionally monetize me in an area where I’ve paid to access, then no. NO WAY. So, when I go to https://app.youneedabudget.com/ - it looks like there’s no FB contact (in the app either). However, if I just go to https://www.youneedabudget.com/ - then FB is contacted.

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    • Bibliophile Thank you for explaining.

  • I know nothing about this but...


    Is it possible that the contact is just to "activate" this link?  Is there contact with all those other social media outlets as well?

  • So I use Safari on iMac, iPhone and iPad to prevent Cross-Site tracking, the main YNAB site is trying to use a number of cross-site trackers, I do not see these are necessary which is why Apple allows you to block them. As far as I can see the app is not using any cross-site trackers.

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