Where is it getting Start Date from, because my start date is wrong and it's driving me crazy

Been doing YNAB since November - think I finally understand it this month.

Except, about half the time I open it on the website, it jumps back to October, which is all zeros, and I have to jump ahead to this month.

And when I run reports and select "All Dates", it starts in October, with a column of zeros.  Which really throws off my averages.

I've checked all the accounts, there are no transactions before November.  I can't seem to find a setting anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?  This is probably my one big issue with YNAB and I'd love to clear it up.

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  • Bookmark https://app.youneedabudget.com/ without anything else to open in the current month.

    Reports key off of a Payee of "Starting Balance". You may have deleted it, but that information may be remembered. I would try to put a $0 transaction in each account with that special payee. Also check any Tracking  and Closed accounts.

  • Yeah, bookmark had the date in it.  Should have caught that.  Thanks.

    Added a Starting Balance transaction to each account (including tracking).  No joy.  No closed accounts.  Reports still default to starting in October, but the entire column is $0.00

    • Digital Blacksmith In that case, you might set your account options to enable Support access and let them take a look at it. I'm out of ideas. 🙂

    • Digital Blacksmith Thanks for checking those Starting Balances! Our team is happy to look closer at what's going on here. You can submit a Bug Report, and they'll dig in!

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    • dakinemaui Done, thanks.

    • Nicole Submitted a bug.

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