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I need a little help here....I've been YNABing for almost a year and it's great!  I've noticed one green credit card payment amount is increasingly less that what I actually owe on my card.  It has been driving me insane.  I just am wondering if this might be the wife and I both use the software regularly.  On occasion, we will purchase something using the credit card but the purchase is more than has been allotted in that category.  When I move money from another category or from "Ready to Assign" to cover that shortage, it does NOT add money into my "Visa" category for payment????  Therefor my payment amount is getting further away from my actual bill each month.  Is this accurate or do I have some other issue????

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  • Hi Gray Transistor! If that discrepancy is growing, it is generally because of credit overspending throughout a series of months that isn't resolved by either moving money into the spending category in the month in which it occurs, or directly to the Credit Card Payment category after the month rolls over. 

    The one time fix is to add enough to your Credit Card Payment category so it is a positive reflection of the amount you owe on the card, like this:  
    After that, you'll keep a close eye on your spending categories, and move money to cover any overspending before the month rolls over. 

    If that doesn't seem to be the issue (you don't see any overspending when you scroll through the months in your budget), it might be helpful for use to take a closer look. You can enable Support Access and we'll take this to email!

  • If your overspent category is a combination of cash and credit overspending, when you move money to the category, it will cover the cash overspending first. So, if it was red, you assigned dollars and it turned yellow (or blue if you have the Toolkit), then it is only covering the cash overspend and will not send any money to your credit card. That would explain why it is not moving money to your credit card payment.

    You need to add enough money to make the category balance available $0.00 to cover ALL overspending. 

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