Mortgage Payment Savings Target Issue

I have a category set up for my mortgage payment. The payment comes out on the 1st or 2nd of the month. I have a spending target set to be filled by the end of the month. The issue I am running into is this:

1. I fund the category in September in preparation for Oct

2. Oct 1st comes and the payment is made

3. because the money WAS there on Oct 1st, the savings target is “funded” and so then auto assign does not assign more money in preparation for November

I feel like the greatest benefit that YNAB offers is the auto assign feature, but this issue is making me lose trust in the system and so I can’t rely on it for my finances. Do I have my target setup wrong? Am I misunderstanding something? Please help 🙏

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  • Would a Monthly Savings Builder goal work better?

  • Yeah I guess that could work. I would just expect the spending target to work differently I guess. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Coral Cup Spending targets will apply any money still in the category when the target resets toward the next goal, so it would never work for what you are doing. You would need to fund the category in the same month that you spend the money.

  • We use the monthly savings builder. It works well because I know what I need to put in. We have the added difference that we pay biweekly so there are three payments twice a year. These normally do not match up to our three paycheque months. I have figured out what we need to put in every month in order to build up for that third payment so we don't have to scramble for it.

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