Credit Card Reconciles but "To Pay" doesn't match


YNAB user of many years and it has realy helped me get back on my feet.


Have 4 on budget accounts and 1 off budget - they are all reconciled regularly , including the credit card, which is reconciled now and is paid  off monthly.

Reconciled balance of CC is about $200 more than the budget " CC to pay" 

Have checked all transactions since last payment and all match.

I know its a small issue but its driving  me crazy lol :) 

What else should I check or how do I fix??


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  • It’s very easy to fix. Just transfer the approximately $200 difference to the CC payment category.

  • As Superbone said, moving money to the credit card category will fix the issue.

    Do you leave overspent categories as overspent? If the money isn't available in a category, YNAB can't move it to the credit card payment category, so you end up short.

    There was at least one person who mentioned issues with purchases that crossed the month line - sometimes payments would import for the previous month and overspend the category there once they'd "closed" the month. 

  • Thanks all - it was overspends from previous month! - feeling a bit silly here lol ....thanks again for taking the time - love the YNAB community!!!

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