Confused with an automatic adjustment that created a possible SFTF situation.

So this happened last night and I don’t know how to rectify it. I added a transaction to my CapOne checking account for 155 USD under Entertainment Purchases (which for November) had 0 USD. Brought up the usual red flagging. All good till here. I was on mobile and clicked on something, and notice that it is gone. When I open the web browser, I see that there is -155 USD in Jan 2022, which is till where I’m budgeted. 

I check the moves that have been made and apparently money was moved from “Ready to Assign” which was also 0 USD into “Entertainment Purchases”, but in Jan 2022. Doesn’t make sense to me. But I covered that overspending my moving money from Gadgets (which had 179 USD as a carryover from Nov 2021) to Entertainment Purchases, and then Ready to Assign, but all in Jan 2022. Everything is technically squared away at this point with the red flagging gone. 

But what didn’t sit right with me was that in November 2021, I still had 179 USD in Gadgets (that I technically used in 2 months later) to cover overspending in Entertainment Purchases. Why could I not do that this month itself? So I decide to send everything back to how it was and deleted the transaction in my CapOne Checking account. So now I’ve an extra 155 USD in Entertainment Purchases in Jan 2022. Cool, so far so good. Let’s send it back to Gadgets so that category total is back to 179 USD in Jan 2022, which is the carryover form November 2021. All good till this point. I now come back to November 2021 and see that Entertainment Purchases has 155 USD? I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where the heck this money came from, because I’m certain I didn’t have anything in that category this month! This is confusing as hell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks a ton! As usual, tagging the usual experts. nolesrule WordTenor  jenmas  dakinemaui  Superbone

P.S: And yes, I understand now that it is too much of a pain to budget so far out. I will just budget for this month, and put everything else into a holding category plus an income replacement category, which I will move to TBB/RTA next month when the time comes around. 

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  • I'm reaching out to you via email, Primaniac !

  • Yes, this is SFTF, a textbook example. Well described. I'm shocked YNAB doesn't think this is a problem worth fixing.

    Fix overspending in the current month (gadgets directly to entertainment) and the future will right itself. 

    Honestly, I'd go back and do that so I don't accidentally spend the money that will cover the future negative. At this point, you may have to clean up the future because you involved future RTA manipulation, but that should be net zero. Based on your description of the situation, I bet you can figure it out correctly once you've fixed November. 

    Personally, my experience with support explaining and [not] fixing SFTF fell far short of helpful, but that was before Marissa worked here.

    I shall now return to allowing YNAB staff to fix their own problems. I just hate SFTF and you described it with more insight than most usually do.

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  • Move Light Sound Life  Thanks for chiming in. I was thrown off a bit. I had read the entire thread before and I used to wonder what the issue was. Guess I never ran into it till now. And now that I do, I appreciate everyone's angst with the process. Wonder what the state of affairs would have been if I had accidentally fat-fingered it on my phone and not even noticed. Probably would not have gotten to know till we got to Jan 2022. But Marisa  was quick to help me sort it out with a video pointing out all the moves and how it auto-assigned etc. Guess if there is a bright spot to paying more, it is YNAB Support. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not that my use of it once a year justifies the 100 USD price tag, but that is an argument for another day. :) 

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      • I was told there would be no math.
      • Annieland
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      Primaniac I'm getting the feeling that YNAB White Glove Support™ is no longer publicly offered on the support forum except by the paying users.  

  • Annieland said:
    publicly offered on the support forum

    Sigh. I'll miss the community.

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    • Move Light Sound Life As a paying user still, (my subscription renewed shortly before the price hike) I'll miss the community as well as responses from YNAB support which may help others with the same issue.

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