Money Not Going to Budgeted Section of Credit Card

How come none of the money I have budgeted is going to the budgeted tab for my credit card? I am budgeting money appropriately then when I get charged on my credit card, it's red and negative then I have to put more money into the budgeted section even though I already have money budgeted in other categories. The -$609.53 was my credit card payment but I had money budgeted for my payments in the other sections. What should I do?


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  • It looks like your credit card working balance went positive, likely with your last payment. 

    That positive money actually went to your TBB, so cover the $600ish overspent CC payment, and budget the rest where you will (if you already budgeted TBB to zero, move money from another category to cover the overspent payment). While your CC balance is positive, money will not be moved from budgeted spending  categories, because a positive CC simply acts like cash - you won't have to pay that off. 

    Going forward, keep the balance negative to alleviate a lot of headache. And keep the CC payment category equal to the absolute value of your negative CC working balance.

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  • Should your credit card be showing a postive balance?  If not, you need to reconcile the account asap!!

  • Did you contact the credit card management?

  • Hi, there! Move Light is spot on: When a credit card is positive, YNAB treats the account more like a checking account. The positive balance goes to To be Budgeted and is available to be assigned to categories—and, because you don't owe a balance, YNAB stops automatically sending budgeted spending to your Credit Card Payment category. 

    You can read more on how a positive balance impacts your Credit Card account and Payment category here.

    To get back on track now:
    1. Reconcile your credit card account, making sure that the cleared balance is negative if you owe on the card.
    2. Budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category to cover the overpayment. This might mean moving money from other categories to your Credit Card Payment category.

    If you need one-on-one help, we're happy to! You can reach out to our support team right from your budget. :)

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