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Grrr I know I asked this before but I can't find my previous question so apologies.  This is a question about how to balance out a payment that was made on my credit card in July that will be deducted from my rent on August 1st.  I put the 227.73  payment under "Appliances" in my budget because it was to fix the dryer, but I deduct it from my rent payment (usually $2000 on the 1st).  I want the payment to be made against my credit card so I covered the overspending in the appliance category in July with my TBB from income that I received today (July 31).  I now want to make my rent payment (less the appliance repair cost of 227.23) which will show as $1772.27 for August 1.  I somehow want this all to balance out to zero for the appliance expense (which isn't really mine) and show my regular rent as being paid in August of $2000.  I also want to make my credit card payment in today (in July) so it doesn't increase debt, even though technically I don't get the money back until August with the reduced rent amount.  I don't even know if this makes sense because I have been doing mental gymnastics and can't figure it out.  Any help is appreciated!

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  • Record rent as a split transaction. Net of $1773. Categorize $2000 outflow to Rent and $227 inflow to Appliances.

    Shift funds in the budget from Appliances to anywhere you wish, including the CC Payment category if you haven't already taken care of that.

    • dakinemaui Thanks! If I only pay 1773 for rent out of my bank account, how does the $2000 outflow come about?  Still struggling here ...

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      Orange Mask There is no actual $2000 outflow. Landlord gets $1773 and doesn't have to fix the dryer.

      The split transaction rectifies things in your records, converting the Appliance outflow (which isn't yours) to appear as Rent (which is yours).

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  • Ah ok. Thanks for your help

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