Credit card paid off last month - minor overspending - not nearly enough for payment

Trying to wrap my brain around this....

Our CC bill is due on the 13th.
On July 13th, previous balance (May 16 - June 15) was paid in full.
All CC spending was categorized.   
I've paid part of the balance due  for statement June 16 - July 15 (due Aug 13).  Balance remaining is about $1500.  YNAB only showing $200ish available for payment.

I've only had very minor overspending which might have been prioritized to cash/checking since May.  However, would OTHER credit card's charges impact the amount for payment? 

I have two charges - one in May for about $300 (Lowe's 0% CC charge) and $1150 (NAPA 0% CC charge.)  My thought was they wouldn't affect any other category but themselves...  Which would be good, as we budget every month an amount to pay them off.

I can't figure out why, with only about $25 in other overspending, the payment isn't correct...

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  • Typically, such a shortage is caused by not reserving enough to pay the entire starting account balance. (If you only budgeted enough to cover your July 13 payment, that would leave you short for your next payment.)

    Alternatively, there is a known issue where returns might impact the wrong CC Payment category if multiple cards were used within a category. (Not sure if that's the case here.) If some other Payment category is too high, you can manually shift funds to where they need to be.

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