Linking non-us accounts


I suspect i'm not the first to ask and I saw there is the Sync add-on, but is there a way of linking UK accounts without paying for another subscription? 


Thanks in advance 

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  • As of now, we don't officially support international financial institutions, so we've disabled those banks on our end. It's something we'd love to do someday though, and now that we've brought on Plaid as an import partner and with the Open Banking system in the UK, it’s a huge and exciting step in the right direction. If anything changes, we'll be sure to announce it loud and clear. :)

    We have a few other features to help make entering transactions easy and fast at this point:

    • File-Based Importing: You can import your transactions by downloading a transaction file (typically OFX or QFX files) from your bank and then importing that file to YNAB.
    • Scheduled Transactions: You can plan for future transactions, including repeating ones, right in the account register. Select the frequency of the transaction by using the drop-down menu below the calendar.
    • Mobile apps: We have new apps for iPhone/iPad and Android.

    We also offer an API which has a growing number of developers who have built integrations between international banks and YNAB, so your bank may be supported through that method. 

    If you choose to add an API-supported feature to your budget (totally optional)—it will enable an app built by a trusted developer to ask your bank for transaction details and import them into YNAB. That developer won’t see any of your bank data and we require them to use a secure system to transmit your data—just like our import experience for US and Canadian users.

    We have a whole list of available integrations on our Works with YNAB page, and each integration links to the developer’s website so you can learn more about setting it up. Since those are not officially supported by us, if you have any questions, or trouble setting it up, you'll want to reach out to the tool developer. 

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get started!

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