Repaying money I stole from September

So, I decided to pull the trigger on a not small purchase in my "things I'm saving for category" I know bad choice. I made this decision because this particular item this week was on Sale which like almost never happens. I listened to the little voice in my head saying "dude there's money in September...So I ignored the other little voice and his informative spiel about not having enough money for the sale price yet and I stole $175 from September. Sorry September. 

Good news is today, I received a check from a freelance gig like 3 months ago that I had completely forgotten/give up on. Check was for $180. It was like a little gift from the forgiveness gods. Question is how do I get that Money back to September?  I have added the transaction in my account and the $180 is currently sitting in the TO BE BUDGETED (although in yellow). I then go into September's budget to reallocate those funds and everything goes nuts. Things go red there's some angry message about over budgeting something that has nothing to do with Im working on and its all too much and I hit the back button where I can relax be happy.

What am I missing/doing wrong? 

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  • How is your TBB yellow? It can only be green or red as far as I know. Unless this is a feature from the toolkit?

    What I would do first is completely rip that $180 inflow transaction out and really check your budget first. It looks like you  might have had problems before the inflow. When you have that out, move forward through the months and make sure everything looks right. Make sure TBB is not red in any future month, and that it is still zero as you flip through. Check as far as it will let you go. Check the available balances in your categories too.

    This is also why many users do not recommend budgeting any further out than the next month, if that. There is too much chance to miss something going wrong. A lot of users advocate for keeping funds for the future months in a holding category and releasing them to your budget when the month flips over.

  • Tobias said:
    How is your TBB yellow?

    Yes, the toolkit can be configured to color a nonzero TBB yellow as a prompt to make it $0.

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      dakinemaui I learned something today then 😄. I used the toolkit for like a second before deciding I just didn't get any use out of it. I also access YNAB from too many computers and didn't want to keep re configuring it for each browser I access my budget from.

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  • With the $180 inflow transaction in place, categorized as To Be Budgeted, what is TBB in Sept. before trying to budget those funds? If the July TBB is $180 but August (and Sept) are less than $180, then you have cash/red overspending in July.

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  • When you took the $175 from September did your budgeted number for that category go negative. IOW did it say -$175??  If so you need to put $0 in that column instead of $175

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    • satcook Yes, the budgeted cell just shows the aggregate change you've made to the category through reorganization that month. Another example is that, if you had $300 available in the September category you took from, but had only budgeted $50 to it in September, taking $175 out in September will display -$125 in the budget cell, with +$125 available. You'll want to type + (plus sign) 175 to get the Available back to $300. 

      If you over write the -50 as 175, you're effectively adding $225, which of course you don't have, so TBB will be negative by $50 (or $45, if you haven't already allocated your extra $5 from the gig).

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