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I signed up for YNAB about 7-8 weeks ago.  At the time I set it all up, I linked my checking and savings accounts.  I haven't logged in to YNAB for about 4 weeks and admittedly have let it slide so much that I need to start over.  However, I am wondering why my balances are way off.   Given that I linked these accounts, should they show my current balances?  Doesn't this sync with my bank when I log in? 

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  • Hi Khaki Network !

    Direct Import will only provide historical transactions from 15 days in the past, (sometimes a bit longer depending on the financial institution). Since it's been four weeks, direct import most likely didn't pull in all of the transactions since the last time you budgeted. If you need additional history, consider using our File-Based Importing option in the web app.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help! :)

    • Faness Thanks for your reply.  I think I may have not explained this situation correctly.  I'm not referring to importing transactions.  I'm just referring to the account balances that show on the left side for the account.  My checking and savings are linked, but the amounts showing are not accurate.  Shouldn't those amounts be accurate?  Thanks.

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      Khaki Network Your account balances are only as accurate as the transactions in your account. There is no special handling for account balances. Direct import only imports transactions.

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    • Khaki Network Direct Import only pulls in your starting balances the first time when you initially link your account. From then on, the transactions entered are what updates the account balance - so, if a transaction is missed or entered incorrectly, then the account balance will be incorrect, as well.

  • I'd just do a Fresh Start if I were you. Also, if you want to make this work, you're going to have to be much more active with your budget. Many of us are in there every day or two at the least. I'd say weekly is the minimum especially if you're going to rely on direct import for your transactions.

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