Funds for Sept does not match checking account balance


I just started and I'm trying to figure the system out. I read the quick start guide and signed up for a 20 minute session. In the meantime, I just got paid and reconciled my checking account, which is showing the correct balance. However, my "funds for Sept" in my budget is not reflecting the amount of my paycheck (which has cleared; it's no longer pending). 

Help? Thanks!

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  • When you entered the deposit, did you choose To Be Budgeted as the category?

  • Nope! That fixed it, thanks! I wanted to add a new category under "in flow" (Name of my employer). Can I do that? Regardless, I can at least proceed with budgeting now!

    • Green Flute You shouldn't. The Payee field captures the name of your employer. That Payee field determines the line-items in the Income section of the Income v. Expense report. Categorizing as To Be budgeted is what puts a transaction into the Income section.

  • Additionally, Funds For <month> will almost never equal your current checking account balance. It is comprised of any older money not budgeted in the past AND new money received in that month (including positive/credit balances on credit cards). It does not decrease when you spend any of your money. You can pretty much ignore it, TBH.

    Focus on keeping account balances accurate (agreeing with those in the real world) and then making To Be Budgeted equal to $0 while ensuring your most important categories have sufficient funds. That is the fundamental workflow that you'll repeat over and over.

  • OK, thanks a lot!

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