Wells Fargo Connection - Again!

OK. So, I've used YNAB since it was a desktop application and it's helped me through some tough financial times.  BUT - I'm tired of the connection problems.  If I was running YNAB I would have fired the Direct Import partner years ago.  Their status page is so full of problems right now it's ridiculous and the connection success rates they show are terrible.

Once again Wells Fargo hasn't connected for me for days and yes, I've already tried to remove the connection, etc., etc.

I am making a serious consideration to move on from YNAB and go back to Quicken after MANY years. I'm going to research their connectivity first.  But connectivity is important to me.

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  • Same.  That status page was a sad eyeopener.  YNAB, you can fix this!

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  • Hi Tan Cobra (240143be09df) and Cadet Blue Moose !

    Sorry for the direct import troubles! We've actually gone through 4 direct import partners in hopes of finding better alternatives. Currently, we're partnered with 2 import partners but we still have a lot of work to do.

    When you have a moment, please use this form to report a Bank Importing Issue. That way our Direct Import team can take a look at your account connections and reach out to you with any updates! :)

  • Sorry to hear that you've gone through so many direct importers.  I know that it's easier said than done BUT it might be time to have a heavy discussion around bringing it in-house and stop working with outside companies.  Of course, that's a huge step BUT could bring you more customers if they know that you're taking control of something like this.  I'll be staying with YNAB and now understand that you're trying.

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