Does anyone use YNAB with The Budget Mom?

I would love to know if there are any TBM users in here, and if so how do you combine the two?  Thanks!

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  • I am starting the budget by paycheck method on 1/1/2021 (so filling in my categories in YNAB today!  exciting).  We are paid biweekly, so tomorrow's check (deposited today) will cover the first half of january (along with some padding from december).  My goal is to get a month ahead again and I feel like tracking bills and sinking funds by paycheck will help me rob peter a little less.

  • I was wondering the same thing and have started with my January Budget - I LOVE TBM's products but don't really function with cash which draws me more toward YNAB. Going to try and see how using both works?

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      Salmon Unicorn So far so good here.  I don't need to use the pages of the TBM planner that give me sinking fund/savings balances, YNAB does that well.  For me I need to do the act of writing it all out on paper.  It's SO COOL when it matches in YNAB.  I love also that I can estimate income and expenses and then when the bills start coming in, seeing what reality looks like, again, on paper.  (Actually on my ipad in goodnotes, but who's counting....)

  • I have been wondering if anyone else has tried to combine these as well! I have followed the Budget Mom for a few years now and just started YNAB a couple of months ago. It seems like YNAB works well with it, and I've been trying to use the two together.

  • I started at TBM, but wanted to find something online - for not using cash and for tracking expenses.  I found YNAB and am working my way through it.  I think I have my accounts set up - but need to tweak stuff on my PC as I cannot get the website version to work on my iPad Pro.  So far my accounts are matching!!

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