Mortgage Liability went in as positive, not negative

Hi all.  I linked my mortgage balance as a tracking account, but it entered as a positive number not a negative, so that throws off my net worth, obviously!  I definitely entered it is a liability not an asset.  How can I flip it to negative to straighten things out?  

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  • If you did the mistake when entering the starting balance, you can go to the transactions of that account and edit the starting balance and move that sum from inflow to outflow. That should fix the account from showing a positive balance to a negative one.

  • Thank you.  Good idea -- that's what I am trying for now.  I just wonder if it will reverse it when it updates.  We will see!  Thank you.  

    • Hi Powder Blue Keyboard !

      Because financial institutions report data for investment and loan accounts differently than that of checking/savings/credit card accounts, they’ve always proven difficult when it comes to connecting and importing transactions. Even if an initial connection is able to be established, it's expected that investment/loan accounts will not import anything correctly beyond the initial balance.

      The good news is that because these are typically set up as  accounts, their dollars aren’t included in your categories and therefore won’t affect your daily spending decisions. We certainly understand the motivation for tracking your net worth though, so here’s a simple way to manage these accounts without direct import, while still gaining some automation:

      1. Create a  to show your regular contributions or payments. (If your financial institution offers file exporting, you can also use our File-Based Importing feature in the web app.)
      2. Update the account balance in the YNAB web app like this as it changes, or as frequently as you’d like.

      Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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