Negative To Be Budgeted with Available Funds

I know this is basic YNAB stuff but I'm still not getting this... 

I have total available funds of $12K and a total budgeted amount of $8500. Why would I have a negative amount in To Be Budget and only $6700 in funds for October? See attached screenshot.

Thank you!

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  • Your Total Available includes all the money that's already in your categories from previous months. It's the sum of your Available column, and it's only reliable when TBB is zero or positive.

    Your Total Budgeted is the sum of your budget column for this month. 

    According to your header, you only had $6749.19 in new funds to budget this month, but you've put $8505.20 into your categories.

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  • Budget until TBB is $0, then stop. You're not trying to draw down the Total Available value with budget entries; TA actually increases as you assign jobs to dollars. The main issue is you've assigned jobs to dollars you don't have, resulting in a negative TBB.

    Fix this by moving funds from one or more green categories to TBB until it's back up to $0.

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