Even my goals have goals!

Hello everyone,

I recently started a Wish List, and while most of the items on it were one-time purchases to save toward (new mattress, tattoo, etc), I also have a few things that would be monthly expenses that are not practical now, but once I'm doing better financially I would want to have.  For example, I hope to someday get a YMCA membership so I can go swimming, add an HBO subscription to my Amazon Prime Video membership, become a monthly contributer to a couple of Patreon accounts of projects I want to support.  Is there a good way to set up the goals for these items?  I know having one month's payment won't guarantee that I can continue to afford paying it month after month, but it seems extreme to require myself to save up enough for the entire year before I start paying for even the first month.  

Does this kind of thing belong in the Wish List?  I could try to show it under my existing categories, for instance I have an "Amazon Prime" category under Fixed Monthly category group, with a goal for $14, and I want to keep that goal so I can see how much is currently needed and make sure I fund the category.  But is there a way to show that my goal is $14, but my GOAL for that goal is for it to be $30?  If that makes any sense.

Thanks for your suggestions! 

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  • Since income is fixed, you're just going to have to prioritize. If something doesn't make the cut, that just how the cookie crumble.

    For the spend while saving things (not waiting until all of it is saved), just do the math for what your funding will support. If a monthly bill is $50 and you can only support $25/month, you need to save up 6 months worth if you want a 12 month subscription (starting 6 months out).

    Ultimately, though, I think it's best to fit the "ongoing" activities within the constraint of your monthly income. (Otherwise you have to stop at some point.) Again, prioritize so the least important thing to you is what's left behind.

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