Accounts Equal out budget budget doesnt

I am sure its me or something i am doing but, I track everything in the budget and the account as in amounts are correct but the budget is not and i can not for the life of me figure out what i am doing wrong. For example it says i have 150 for my phone between my accounts and i know that is because i have catorgorized wrong but its still off all the way around i have more money in the budget than i do in my actual accounts

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  • Why do you think you have more money in your budget than your accounts?

  • My avaliable balance in my budget doesn't equal out to the balance in my accounts my budget equals out to like 600 or 700 where as my accounts will equal out to 500

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      Greenpotato Do you have any red categories?

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    • Greenpotato I'd also make sure you've added the balances of all of your Budget accounts, because all of them contribute money to your budget.

    • Greenpotato We can't see $600 in that screenshot -- it only shows $154, the rest is cut off.  Do you have access to a computer?  The full screen shows more overview and makes it easier to figure this kind of thing out.

      It's also not clear why you think the phone category in particular is a problem.  We can see that you put $150 in that envelope and it's still there.  Have you paid that bill yet?

      It's actually impossible for the total Available to be different from the total accounts (which we can see is $499) -- it's just two windows on the same money.  If it appears to be $600 or more then there have to be negative numbers somewhere.  If you move forward to November, what is To Be Budgeted there?

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