Still no way to bulk assign payees?

This has been asked and requested many times already, but most posts are well over a few years old, so I am asking again: Is there really no way to bulk assign payees?


I imported a bunch of data from two accounts, one is Google Pay (which literally just hold the info for my payments, never has a balance) and one is the account the money is actually taken out of. Do I now really have to go through hundreds of transactions one by one to select the Google Pay account as Payee? No way whatsoever to automate this?  

The transactions are already imported, so setting up rules under Manage Payees does not help me in any way. Bulk assigning a category also does not, as the whole purpose is that I am categorizing on the Google Pay side (as that's where I have that info) and simply assigning payments in the other account to the Google Pay account as a transfer.


Literally no other option than to assign the payees, which really should be possible in bulk by now. How is this not a thing yet? Am I missing something?

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  • I can see that you already got in touch with our product team about this - thanks so much for doing that! But you're right that at this point, bulk payee editing isn't available in YNAB.

    For anyone else viewing this post, our product team would love to hear from you, as well! 

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