Connection Issues Continue...

I know YNAB cannot troubleshoot connection issues through the forum, but I'm not getting help through email or the useless connection issues form.  Connection to Navy Federal Credit Union has been attrocios since switching to Plaid.  Now I cannot even reconnect using the Manage Connections.  This is a YNAB specific issue. I am trialing Mvelopes (again), EveryDollar,  and Simplifi by Quicken.  All are connecting flawlessly and appear to be viable alternatives giving YNAB's issues with Plaid..

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  • Ask YNAB to switch you over to MX.

  • Hey HTR ! It looks like that NFCU connection is running into a temporary error that usually clears up automatically, but we can definitely explore other alternatives. I've gone ahead and replied to your email, so we can get started. 🙂

    For any folks having trouble with a bank connection, please report the Bank Importing Issue here and our team will be happy to take a look!

  • Is Plaid still the primary issue with Capital One? I am prompted for an SMS code every time I try to import transactions. Every time...

    • Hi PuterFeller !

      Sorry for the trouble! Frequent reauthentication is expected with Capital One. If you're being asked to reauthenticate multiple times, please report a Bank Importing Issue so our Direct Import Team can take a closer look. :)

  • I can't connect either. I've tried reconnecting, removing accounts & adding them. I think it's because i have 2 factor authentication at my bank (BofA)?

    Anyway, it's to the point that now YNAB and all the work i put into building my budget are useless. Should i just close my subscription?

  • It looks like you've been in touch with support—please let us know (by email is best!) if there's anything else we can help with.

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