Real time updates?

So I have several accounts linked. Some link up and work more reliable than others. They are all pretty well know organizations.

That has been from day one and continues to be one of the things that infuriate me the most. I have only been using this system for about 4 months. But several days on some accounts ( Like a week ) to update? And no I am not talking about pending transactions, I am talking about cleared transactions taking 3+ days to show up. I have seen several posts claiming that " You need to Import your Own Data " If that is the case why am I ( we ) paying for a subscription to something we could do with a spreadsheet?

The concepts of Ynab are pretty simple and I do love them since I found them, dont get me wrong please. I just think in this internet age I should be able to pay for a service like Ynab and as its main function is to link and bring in data from my accounts, it should do that well. If someone tells me that, "No what Ynab does is allow you to set up a budget and filter funds where needed" , That is a one time purchase not a subscription.

So no real question here, just a rant by someone who loves the platform and what it can do, and who is getting increasingly frustrated by the service shortcomings.

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  • I guess no one feels the same way? Well then please reply to my previous post that was asking about the best banks that do have a history of connecting reliably. If I am the only one having connection issues let me know people. :)

    • Hi Purple Lion !

      Sorry you've had so much trouble with direct import! Have you had the chance to report a Bank Importing Issue? If not, our Direct Import Team would be more than happy to take a closer look into those delays for you! :)

      • Herman
      • herman
      • 4 days ago
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       Purple Lion If you are subscribing to ynab for it's import capabilities, then yes, I agree with you that you should use something else.  I've heard mint is really good at importing, and it's free.

    • Herman I used mint for years. Never really did much as it is more passive. Using this platform I have been able to track and budget more effectively than I ever have in the past. I feel that is partly because I am actively engaged in where the money goes and how much I have available.

      I decided to open another account that reportedly works very well, so I will see where that goes. I opened the Capital One account about the same time I started using Ynab, and did not realize at that time that there was an ongoing issue with them.

      • Herman
      • herman
      • 20 hrs ago
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      Purple Lion I feel the same way about ynab but I also wouldn't care if direct import stopped working completely.  My point was that ynabs value is not the import capability.  All accounts have problems from time to time so even if you change accounts, that is no guarantee they won't have problems at some point in the future.  

  • I have no issues at the moment:

    Charles Schwab Checking

    SDCCU Checking

    Ally Savings

    Barclays Savings

    Chase (Amazon Prime) CC

    Citi Costco CC

    Citi Cashback CC

  • Good explanations here:

    There are many banks, many standards, and not all banks prioritize stable direct imports. YNAB is doing what it can but it is only a small player in banking and finance.

  • You really should contact support. I know it's annoying, because you shouldn't have to take the time when they are aware that these issues are happening, but if your imports are taking more than a day, they CAN fix it, but only if you go through the support route. My imports were running at 2-4 days, and they were able to switch me to another importer and I am now back to approx. 8 hours, which I can work with. So do take a few minutes to contact them, it will be worth it!

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  • One of the issues I have is it has been about a week and the import system has not triggered for the one problem account I have. What is the deal?

      • Superbone
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      • Superbone
      • 3 days ago
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      Purple Lion Have you been working with YNAB support on the issue?

  • Sorry I was just venting frustration. I have not emailed support on this current issue, but I have before for the same issue in the past. As of today Capital One has still not imported ( 7 Days ). I am aware that Capital One is the only bank that has its own ongoing entry on the support page.

    So what I decided to do was review the bank connection success page and research reviews for online banks that work fairly well. Then open another account and see how that works out. I do not really need true real time updates, but daily or every other day at the minimum would satisfy me.

    Thank you all for all your input.

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