"Overbudgeting" due to positive credit card balance?

Hi there, very new to YNAB and very confused by the message I'm currently getting.

I added a new (unlinked, as it's a capital one card) credit card to my budget. The card had a *credit* of $91.14 initially thanks to cashing out rewards prior to setting up YNAB. That money then went into my TBB pool and I budgeted it towards my long term savings category, since everything was already fully funded this month.

I then manually added a few (3, totalling $40.86) transactions onto the card, categorizing them appropriately. The money was taken out of the proper categories (which had all been funded previously), and put into the "available" category for the credit card, just as I would expect.

However, I'm now left with YNAB telling me that I've overbudgeted by $40.86, but I don't understand how that's the case. 

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  • Cyan Android said:
    The money was taken out of the proper categories (which had all been funded previously), and put into the "available" category for the credit card

    If the CC has a credit balance -- a positive account balance in YNAB -- funds should NOT move to the CC Payment category. Purchases on a positive CC account do not need to be paid back. It is effectively another checking account with a debit card.

    When you say "overbudget", do you mean To Be Budgeted is negative? Or do you mean a category Available is negative (which is actually "overspent"). The reason I ask is that new users often mix up the terminology, and parts of your description seem at odds with each other.

    Money going into TBB is consistent with a positive account balance (assuming you categorized the rewards as TBB). However, money moving to the CC Payment category is not.

    A few questions:

    1. When you said "money was taken out of the proper categories", do you mean YNAB did that, or that you did that?
    2. Is anything budgeted to the CC Payment category?
    3. What is the Available amount in the CC Payment category?
    4. What is the CC account's working balance (in YNAB) right now?
    • dakinemaui Thanks for replying!

      When I say "overbudget" I mean TBB is negative, yes.

      1. YNAB did that. i.e. one of the transactions was $24.88 for Gas. 24.88 was taken out of the Gasoline category's available funds and put into the available funds of the credit card payment.

      2. Nothing is budgeted to the CC Payment, as all of the transactions for the card were budgeted in their appropriate category.

      3. The available amount in the CC Payment category is $40.86, as expected.

      4. The CC account's working balance is $50.28, which matches $91.14 - $40.86.

    • Cyan Android I think you need to open up your account for access by official Support and have them take a look at it. I'm at a loss for an explanation. The CC Payment category should not increase when you spend with a CC that has a credit/positive balance. Sorry to not have been more help!

    • Cyan Android Thanks for reaching out via email! I sent over a reply, and thought I'd update here too. dakinemaui

      The culprit was the positive starting balance, and the outflows all happen on 5/16. Transactions in a register with the same date are processed from largest outflow to largest inflow. Changing the starting balance date to the 15th will resolve it, and look more like expected. I've also let our design team know that we can make improvements here!

    • Thanks, Nicole . The same-day ordering is a subtle behavior worth remembering.

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