My $31.00 is 41 days old? Haha!

After a huge effort, I paid off a big debt. I almost couldn't do it due to a falling income (covid) so by the time I finally hit the mark, I opted to do it and be extremely, terrifyingly poor.

It was worth it. I feel amazing.

I have 31 dollars in my bank! 

After all this saving, the age of my money went nice and high, but now it says it's still 41 days old (less than it did before, but still.)

How can I reset the age of my money? I'm not feeling a fresh start. I would like to keep my expense data because I want to look at pretty graphs one day...



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  • Ignore it. It doesn't mean anything, it's not actionable or useful.

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  • Yet another example of the fallacy of AOM. 

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  • Buy 10 packs of gum with separate transactions in a cash account. Your money will be young again.

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