Savings Target Transaction to Separate Account Shows Up Negative

Hi everyone,  I have a question about a savings goal target I set. I want to set aside $50 twice a month to my savings account ($100/month). I set up a bi-monthly savings target to do this, but when the deduction happened, it shows a negative balance for this goal, even though the cash went to my savings account, which is connected to YNAB. It's almost as if the money just disappeared, even though the savings account shows the new correct balance with the additional $50. 


Does anyone know what I'm missing here? Thank you!

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  • Here's a screenshot of how I set up the savings target to help understand my problem.

  • Did the transaction you used to move the money to your savings account set up as a transfer.  If so, there is no category "Bi-Monthly Savings", so the money will not show up here.  It will show only in the account.  


  • Is your savings account on-budget or tracking?

    If it's a tracking account, then sending money to the savings account removes it from your budget, the same way an expense does. This looks like your savings account is a tracking account, so your budget was reduced by $50 but the savings account increased by $50.

    If it's an on-budget account, transferring money between the accounts doesn't change where the money resides in your budget categories; you'd have to move it to that category for it to count.

    In general, the recommendation is to have savings accounts as on budget accounts and to not align categories with the account, but rather to have savings categories - emergency fund, new car, income replacement, etc.

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  • Thank you Fuzzball, I think I will change how I've set this up and just change this to my emergency fund. I think I made it more complicated than it needed to be.

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