My CC is not due the last day of every month

I've had many problems because I could not find actual behavior of YNAB, however now I am beginning to understand one flaw that is sort of the source of almost every misunderstanding. NO there is no magical change on my card when we transition from this month to next month.

I pay off my credit card every month. It's a no-brainer, except YNAB was always lying about what I owe on my credit card, because when the next month started I have still allocated the same total which I need to pay by the due date, but YNAB has no comprehention of when that money needs to be paid so it zeros the balance I will be paying. No-brainer becomes impossible to comprehend.

I need YNAB to understand that the month for a credit card is not from the 1st to the 31st but rather based on whatever date that card is due and will begin charging interest if I do not pay it by that day.

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  • On the flip side, you could contact your credit card company to change the due date of your credit card 馃檪 I don't know that it would truly help with your issue, though. 

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      • Jeff
      • imajeff
      • 4 mths ago
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      palee yeah, what I should do is over simplify my life to match the cookie cutter. Thanks

  • Jeff Hey, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, because that's what we do here. 

    You may not realize that you're coming off as unkind, among other things. We don't do that here.

    This forum is for figuring out how best to use the YNAB method/software for the people that ask questions. It can also be a space for people to share wins, losses, and struggles of their financial journeys.

    Whenever you're up for a true discussion or you'd like to respectfully try out what people suggest to solve the issues you bring up, people on here would be happy to help, I'm sure.

    I only spell this out because the autistic people I know would have preferred to be told directly. I realize that may or may not be your case, so I hope you take this as it's intended.

    Thanks for giving us that context about yourself. Have a great day/YNAB time.

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  • Move Light Sound Life said:
    This forum is for figuring out how best to use the YNAB method/software

     exactly, thank you.

    If you think being correct is a problem because correcting someone each time we see incorrect statements is "coming off as unkind," then do what you gotta do and eliminate the correctness from the forum.

    • Jeff Nah. I think being correct is important. It's more about how is done, and no one (including me) will be perfect.

      Name calling and derision doesn't help convince people of the truth, though. 

      I would say that rational discussion helps people share correct ideas and eradicate incorrect ideas. That didn't seem to be working, so several of us tried to bow out. 

      If you have further questions, perhaps it would be good to start a new thread so there is a fresh start to addressing your situation respectfully. 

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      • Jeff
      • imajeff
      • 4 mths ago
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      Move Light Sound Life using a correct word in correct context is not "name calling". Also if you think we do not be unkind here, are you turning a blind eye to all the times they are insulting me? 

      For crying out loud please stop insulting me, and insulting my intelligence, and if it is really not acceptable then why are they left to keep posting that I do not understand YNAB principles and then prove that I do?

  • nolesrule said:
    "Transaction order" in a financial account context is simply the order in which transactions are applied within the account.

     Finally you agree that you were wrong, why did you keep insulting me instead of admiting that this is all it means. It is not synonomous with "date order"

  • Hi, all! I'm closing replies to this thread because the conversation is no longer respectful and in alignment with YNAB's Community Guidelines for the Forum. If you have questions as to why this decision was made, please send a direct message to Nicole .

    If you have an outstanding question that was unaddressed in this thread or need support with the app, please reach out to our support team from your budget and we'd be happy to help.

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    • I realize this is a response to a closed thread, but wanted to clarify for those who have asked:

      When this text-based Forum isn鈥檛 the best venue or a thread no longer feels productive, our Support team can help answer specific questions of what's going on behind the scenes with additional tools鈥Support Access, videos, screenshots, etc.

      We鈥檝e all experienced times where we ask a question and it isn鈥檛 answered, or assumptions are made. Then attempts at clarifying only add to the confusion. We all communicate, interpret, and learn differently.

      Behind the keyboard, we鈥檙e all human. Let鈥檚 assume good intentions and stay curious.

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