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I would love to see some example budgets made available for developers.  Perhaps a different OAuth path that would just hand out a token instead of asking for authentication and always present the same set of budgets prefilled with sample data.

Samples could be available that use each function - the various goal types, sub transactions, scheduled transactions.

This could be used to have some easy to compare and know what you will be getting data for API developers.  Documentation could also be provided detailing how each sample budget is setup.

Ideally a copy of the budgets would be created for the individual OAuth token and could be updated/modified and would be automatically destroyed once the token expires.  That would allow easy testing of update code, etc and a simple enough way to get back to a known good state.

It would also make an easy way for developers to provide users with sample data to test out an application before authorizing their own data.

Just something that would probably saved me a good deal of time creating and deleting sample budgets to test out various things.


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  • Hey, Mark Leistner , that's an interesting suggestion. I've never heard of any APIs like that. Do you have any examples?

    • George I have no examples, but have seen APIs provide limited subsets of sample data, which you guys do some in your endpoint documentation.

      It just seemed like it would work well with OAuth - have a different auth URL that would always return a token without requiring the normal user authentication, and the data returned was a single or set of fixed sample budgets.

      That would make a developers life a little easier, right now it's kind of a pain if I want to test a credit card with a paid off balance each month, vs a credit card that carries a budget.  Or something like a scheduled income transaction that is split into a category and TBB...

      Not to mention being able to just provide a way for end users to take a look at your API application utilizing sample data.  I could do that myself, for my app, but it would be a lot better provided by you guys -- you know how it all works, and could provide that to all devs.

      Ideally, I'd love to see it return multiple budgets, maybe a years+ worth of transactions, even different varients of that theme - high income, medium income, low income.  Then maybe some specific budgets that only deal with a single thing.  Credit card, no balance.  Credit card, balance.  Various goal types.  I'm sure you get the idea...

      Its absolutely not required, and something I can just mock up small scale samples to focus on the data I need.  But it sure would be a nice to have... particularly if you could even document the different budgets somewhat as scenarios.

      IE: Budget "High-Income" is for Jose, he works as a laywer and makes 250k a year.  Income is variable based on his clients payment of invoices, and he self funds his own health insurance, HSA (on budget) and retirement accounts (off budget).

      Jose's monthly expenses include a mortgage 1500, Student loans 1200, etc, etc.

  • Mark Leistner I see the value in that. I put it on the dev wishlist. Thanks for the suggestion!

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