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Hi! Sorry If this topic already exists, but I can not find it or any materials that would help me.

I'm trying to see my summary for the current month or any other that I wish to check.

Somehow it's not working for me, I managed only to see the last month incomes/spendings.


Help appreciated.

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    What sort of info are you looking for?

    If you're looking for a report on what you spent money on, see Reports > Spending Report. You can either look at totals (circular graph) or trends (bar graph), and you can use the filters in the upper left corner (right above the "Spending Totals" graph title) to filter by categories/time period/accounts.

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  • Hi Slate Gray Wrench !

    If you’ve got a bit of budgeting history under your belt (data!), we recommend checking out your Reports. 

    With reports, you’ll be able to isolate and focus on the data that is most important to you—and analyze your finances from several different vantage points. In all three reports, you can filter by categories, timeframe, and accounts. This can be accomplished by using the filters found at the top of each report screen. Once you find the data you're most interested in, you can export it by clicking on the Export button in the top right corner of any report view.

    The three types of reports available are: 

    Check those out and let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Thank you for your help. What I actually need is just simple math how much I've already spent. Spending reports seems that are exactly what I'm looking for, but I can see only net worth and money age. 

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      Slate Gray Wrench the spending report is available on the website, but not on the apps. The filtering is easier to use on the computer as well.

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