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I've been using YNAB online for a little over a month.  Prior to that I was a long time YNAB Classic user and utilized Mint to consolidate transactions into 1 place for entry into YNAB.  Mint had it's fair share of issues, but generally the speed at which it acknowledged and imported new transactions was pretty good.  YNAB is much better in every other way, except for import speed.  Frankly, it's abysmal.  

I don't understand why YNAB seems to adhere to a scheduled task for acknowledging new transactions.  Why can't you force an import when you know there are additional transactions?  I got paid via ACH deposit yesterday morning at 2:30am.  Even though it showed as "pending" Mint had no problem seeing it yesterday morning.  Here it is 29 hours later, and it still isn't available for import through YNAB even though it's no longer pending at my bank.  

Does YNAB view this as acceptable or are there intentions to improve the import frequency/speed?

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  • Manual entry is still the recommended method. Enter it manually and then when it imports the transactions will match up. 

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  • Is your bank Wells Fargo? I have issues with posted transaction not showing up for 2-3 days. I am currently trying to find a $350 mistake in imported transaction and duplicates. 

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      Ruff16965 (05bd62cee897) No, Bank of America.  But the issue isn't just payday.  I just used that as an example.  Very often I get on to do budget entries in the morning and YNAB doesn't acknowledge transactions from multiple credit cards even though they can be seen on Mint at practically any given time.  Later that day, they'll finally show up on YNAB. 

      I think the best fix would be to be able to force an import at any time.  Currently if I click on "import" it will say there are no new transactions to import even though I know they are there.

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  • Hi Robert R !

    We do use a different Direct Import partner than Mint. In fact, Mint just so happens to have a monopoly on Intuit, who owns them. 

    We're also on a less frequent import schedule than them. We check for transactions once every morning and when you access the app if we haven't imported within the last 12 hours. It is normal for transactions to sometimes not be immediately available to import, because the system may not have refreshed since those transactions cleared. 

    Awareness of spending is a big part of why YNAB works and we're totally unique in that our method leans more heavily on active engagement. That means entering transactions as you spend plays a big role in that. 

    Using that in conjunction with direct import (for filling in where you may have missed), is what we had in mind when we introduced the feature. We know a lot of users rely on it quite a bit, so we’re always re-evaluating and exploring options based on feedback and customer research.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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