What would you use colour flags for, on transactions?

I'm not sure if these are a part of basic YNAB or from the Toolkit extension, but I have a flag on the left of each transaction that I can make one of six colours.  

I like them but can't think of anything to do with them!  What sort of thing do people use these for? 

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  • I use the orange and red flags on my scheduled transactions. Red flags go on scheduled transactions that change in value slightly from month to month (i.e. monthly credit card) to remind me to update the value as it comes around. Orange flags go on scheduled transactions that aren't automatic (i.e. physically writing a check) to remind me to do it.

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  • You can search on flags, so they are useful if you want to select a group of transaction to do something with when that group has nothing in particular in common that's easy to search for.

    I have several uses for flags.  Color distinguishes true scheduled transactions from future committed transactions.  YNAB stupidly forbids true future committed transactions, so the best I can do is flag color to tell me when it pops up I can approve it without thought.  This is as opposed to true scheduled transactions that need to be checked for matching reality before being approved.

    I don't expect YNAB to give me back true future committed transactions, as forbidding them is part of the basic philosophy of trying to prevent beginning budgeters from hurting themselves; so the hack workaround with flags is the best I can do.  I'd rather be able to enter the transaction in the register when I schedule the bill payment and not have to touch it again, ever.

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  • That's interesting.  I do have scheduled transactions that need checking and scheduled transactions that don't, so I'll think about using them for that.  Thank you.


    Patzer said:
    You can search on flags,

     You can?  When I'm in the account view, the search option seems to be just for entering text.  Could I ask where you can do the search?  Sounds interesting.  

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      Pikayo If you start typing flag into the search box then they come up in the drop down list of options. Similarly if you start typing the name of the colour into the box you'll get offered that flag.

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