Income v Expense Report Showing Negative Income

I have probably a newbie question about reading the Income v Expense report. I'm noticing in the report there are several months with Negative Income. Now I know I've not been in the red in reality and not bounced checks, etc. But I notice that YNAB only accounts for the income that came in that month. Not any pre-existing money that came from the month before which accounts for a sizable chunk of my budget and keeping things on track.

Is there a way to set YNAB to include that existing money for the month so I get  a more accurate picture of my income to expense ratio? Or am I just looking/thinking about this wrong? Definitely not a finance person by nature so this is definitely possible. ;)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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  • So, you're thinking about it wrong. It's all in the name of the report: How much money entered your budget this month? How much exited your budget this month? The report is not supposed to take into account pre-existing money from the month before. It is perfectly normal for a single month to be negative - that's a function of saving up money over time for a specific expenditure, and then spending the money in a single transaction.

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  • That makes sense. I figured I was probably thinking about it wrong. Thanks a lot for the explanation!

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