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When I initially set up my Credit Card account in YNAB, I assigned it a Starting Balance (the add account wizard assured me that I will be able to edit this amount later). Now, when I go into the account to look at the transactions, that transaction requires a category to be assigned, but this was just my outstanding balance at that time, before I started budgeting. 

From tutorials I see that the Starting Balance entry should not require a category ("Category not needed"), but YNAB keeps asking for one. How do I turn it off or fix this?

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  • Just categorize it as Inflow: To Be Budgeted.

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  • The category should be "To Be Budgeted"

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  • That’s it, thanks!

  • Hi, I'm about to dive in and set everything up but wanted to clear up some confusions and the question in this post was one of mine.  I don't understand why an initial credit card balance (that represents prior purchases that I'm not going to categorize going forward) would get a category of Inflow:to be budgeted. 

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      Bucky Badger This confusion is common, but this outflow will not impact your To Be Budgeted value. The use of TBB in a credit account is effectively "Debt Management". I've made feature requests in the past for them to change the text that is displayed; you might consider doing so as well. (Link on the right of the main support page.)

      As a heads up, you'll typically use the same treatment for purchase reward statement credits, and then adjust the budget to get those funds to actually show up in TBB (unless you want them to be applied toward debt reduction).

      Similarly a reconciliation adjustment used TBB (though you can change it if another category is more appropriate).

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