Balances not matching

I just started using YNAB and this is hard!  i really want to make this work though because i totally can see the benefits of this!

I just reconciled, and had to do an adjustment because even though everything was cleared, my available ynab balance and my account balance did not match.  After i did that, my TBB balance increased and my total available changed, and neither number matches my account balance. HELLP

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  • TBB and Total Available (TA) aren't supposed to individually match your bank balance for various reasons. The only thing that matches is the total money in the budget matches the total cash in your accounts. Assuming no overspending, money in the budget  = TBB + TA + Budgeted In Future.

    1. Put money into categories until TBB = $0

    2. If you have any overspending -- especially red overspending -- fix that as part of #1.

  • what makes up the total amount in the budget though?  sorry!  i like to think im a pretty intelligent human being but this makes my brain hurt.  there are alot of numbers and totals to look at.

    • TG Total cash in your accounts. Checking, savings, etc. Also include positive credit accounts, since they hardly need to be paid off. Note, this amount is probably not the total shown next to the "Budget" rollup in the account area. That number is fairly useless.

      This is also not something you need to do or check. It's baked into YNAB. In fact, it's how TBB is calculated (as total cash minus what you've already budgeted). 

    • TG Perhaps I misunderstood your followup. These are always equal, assuming no overspending:

      • Cash on hand: checking+ savings, etc + positive credit accounts
      • Funds in budget: To Be Budgeted + Total Available + Budgeted In Future
  • Sometimes when I do a fresh start, or in your case starting off. I have a hard time reconciling because I had a couple of transactions from the week prior clear later than I expected. Use the running balance in YNAB and match  it to the running balance in your bank. 
    Start with a specific date for example January 1. Use the last transaction balance from the previous day as your starting balance. From there every transaction you enter should match in YNAB with your bank running balance. If I am reconciling a lot, I reconcile every 10 or so transactions

  • If all of your transactions matched, you may want to check with what you started your starting balance as

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