Handling credit card payment for a linked account from a non-YNAB account


I've been using YNAB for over a year now but I'm stumped on how to handle an "outside" credit card payment. My wife paid off our credit card (linked in YNAB) from one of her business accounts, which is not a budget account and not linked in YNAB. The problem now is that I can't figure out how to deal with the transaction once it imports since it has no relation to any purchases/categories in YNAB and isn't seen as a payment/transfer from one YNAB account to another.

I've run manual transactions to test out how to handle it but no luck. YNAB will treat this $6k payment as a credit to the credit card account account, requiring a category to put this "new" money/deposit into. The problem is that while the credit card account balance might go back to $0, there are no negative categories for this payment to balance out back to $0. That's my problem. Without a negative -$6k category for the positive $6k payment to balance out against, YNAB treats the balance payoff as new money to be budgeted, which it isn't.

How do I deal with this?

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  • Something I should clarify since it will get asked.....

    We have a negative balance on the card but no negative categories because of an unbudgeted emergency credit card transaction that we've had to carry for a few months without paying off. That caused it to become debt.

  • Give the $6,000 transaction the category TBB.  Because a credit card works differently it won't increase your TBB, but just change the balance of your credit card to $0

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      +1. They should really display "Debt Management" instead of TBB in a credit account.

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      satcook I tested that out and it seems to be the fix. It's strange because when I tried that yesterday, it increased TBB by $6k so I thought that was the wrong approach. My connection has been down for maintenance since yesterday so I'll post back in a day or two when it comes through that it was successful. Thanks!

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