Recovering from a Fresh Start


Is there any easy way to import transactions from a new (fresh start) budget into an older budget (original)?   

Reason for asking: my budgeting slipped for a couple of months, so I decided to go with a Fresh Start approach.  But I am already missing the analysis of my historical data so have slowly been bringing my original budget up to speed.

When I get to the point where I am up to the start of my new budget, I would like to import those transactions into my original budget.  I can see that I can export transactions - but can't see an import option?



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  • There is not only not an easy way, there is no way. There is no import function.

  • The Import function is on the account register. I think you would need edit the Register csv file exported from your new budget (see and import it into your original budget - but you can only import to one account at a time, and you cannot import categories, so you would need to do some manual cleanup afterward.

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      srg The fact that you can't import categories renders it, in my opinion, entirely useless. They want their historical data. Just having the transactions doesn't really help with that. The amount of time spent cleaning up and recategorizing everything would be prohibitive and the results will not be what you want. Ask me how I know.

      In my opinion, if you're going to spend *that* much time, spend it on going back to the original budget and fix it *there*. You'll end up spending way less time.

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  • Thanks both.  Yes, importing one account at a time would be very manageable, but losing the categories associated with transactions will negate the value of it.  The fresh start seemed a good idea, but I am missing the historical analysis too much - being able to see where my money has gone over the last rolling year - and refining my budgets on that insight has proven to be very powerful.

    Sounds like there's a huge chunk of work ahead to manage two budgets as I am having to catch-up with my old budget by entering the data in a month at a time; entering my current transactions throws everything out.

    • deejayaitch How long did you use your original budget? Transactions are automatically categorized based on Payee, so if the new transactions you import are transactions from payees you've used before, they'd automatically be categorized and you'd just need to approve them.

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