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Could we get a note section update that allows for spacing?

Like this suggestion?


Pressing enter closes notes, instead of adding a space between text.

Would be helpful if it did more.

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  • Try shift+enter?

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  • That works on the web app, but the line breaks don't show up on the Android app

  • I think it is more of an issue with the Android app. I don't see it on the iOS app. My line breaks are consistent with the web app on both my iPhone and iPad.

    • Sea Green Mermaid adriana01 LoaferDude

      Hi all! Thanks for those details!

      To format your notes in the web app, you can use shift+enter to add a line break in the web app,  and you will see those in the iOS app. The option to add formatting is not available on Android or iOS apps right now—but you can submit a Feature Request if you'd like to see that option!

      If you're trying to enter a line break on mobile, copy & pasting from an app like Notepad can help there. I do see that the line breaks aren't preserved in the Android app and mentioning that in the Feature Request will let our team know to look into that as well!

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