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So I recently went to Rome with a friend was very nice.  However, having to budget and deal with the aftermath of YNAB is not so nice.  I paid for the most expensive things on my credit card for me and my mate like the AirBNB's and transportation fees.

I have a current account and have added all the transactions to match my account.  The total for everything on for my Rome AirBNB costs comes to £1,127.33 

So if I budget this amount is that correct? 

When my mate paid me back I just put it as payee "his name" and the category as to "be budgeted" and this cash has been budgeted elsewhere now. 

I assume this is ok but not perfect?

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  • Did you budget for the transactions you put on the credit card? Or did you let the categories go overspent? If it's the latter, then you need to either cover the overspending in the categories or budget directly to your credit card payment line. If it's the former, you shouldn't have to do anything; the money should have moved automatically to your credit card payment category to cover your card payment.

    One thing you might consider is categorizing his reimbursement as Vacation. That way, when you run a report, it doesn't look like you spent twice as much on vacation and made extra income; it looks like you paid for your share of the vacation. But as far as budgeting goes, it doesn't matter at all.

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