[API Contest Submission] YNAB Live Import!

Hi all, thought I'd share what I made for the contest.  I'm curious what others have made, so please share in the forum 🙂

I love YNAB, but manually entering your transactions is kind of a bummer. Auto-import is great, but I'm not crazy about giving up my bank account username and password. And having to wait a few days for transactions to clear before they can be imported also isn’t ideal. File-based import gets the job done but is quite the hassle.

Wouldn’t it be great – magical, even – if YNAB could automatically import all your transactions in real-time with no effort on your part? Thanks to the fantabulous YNAB API, this is now possible!

After a quick one-time setup, any credit card transaction will automatically appear in YNAB mere seconds after the purchase.

I’ve only programmed support for Chase and Discover credit cards for now but the YNAB developer community and I can add support for other cards to this open-source project. Automatically importing debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals and deposits, bank transfers, and direct deposits are all possible and support for these can be added in the future!

Video Demo

GitHub & Setup Instructions

If anything is unclear please let me know!

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  • Very cool and ingenious! :D

  • This is awesome!


    I submitted my app to automatically import transactions from bank accounts outside of the US and Canada: https://github.com/schurig/ynab-bank-importer


    Mission: A script that can run every 15 minutes on a small and cheap mini-computer at your home (eg. raspberry pi) with an easy configuration and support for most European banks.

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  • That’s awesome. I’m anxious to try this out. What would it take to request my bank to be added?

  • And I do all my banking with Chase ;) Fantastic!

  • Would love Citi cards, AmEx, or CapitalOne Spark support next.  

  • Love all the ideas. #nerds


    I submitted one of my own - YNAB Reports are cute , but do not satisfy my needs. So that is what I submitted.  And I've called my app YNAD (You Need A Dashboard) :) 


    Here's a mock sample of what the dashboard looks like:

    It essentially pulls in your YNAB data and summarizes your past transactions and gives you a picture of your cashflow. It also displays your activity from last week so you don't have any surprise expenses (if you are like me who reconciles YNAB at the end of the week).


    Optionally, you can choose to add your partner or anyone you wish to view your dashboard (so both of you can make better spending decisions!).


    If you would like to give it a try, here's the link to the app: YNAD (You Need A Dashboard)

    For more information, I've added some documentation to the wiki here: YNAD Wiki

    and source here: YNAD App Source Code

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