How Do You Talk To People About Your Finances Without Strangling Them?

Afternoon YNABers,

I am really not violent really I not, but I am ready to strangle some well meaning people. Got some major financial things coming up, moving into my own place and furnishing it, besides finishing up paying off old debts that were left over from my divorce. 

My dad is out there and I just ignore him, he thinks I should be saving 100% of what comes in and has no answer for how I am supposed to pay for my cell phone or truck insurance. Although when a couple of people were interested in my truck at the yard sale he wanted me to sell it, but again no answer for how I was supposed to get anywhere. 

The issue are a couple of well meaning friends, they know how much living with my parents are driving me up the wall. At different times they have totally disregarded what I have said and said things like "I never use my mix master". Due to the divorce, a bad rebound relationship, I am like a kid going off to college, besides my TV, computer and clothes, I really don't have anything. However the difference between a teen going off to college and me, I am 52 years old and have lived and know what I will use and need. 

I have tried explaining that for my mental health I can not just move into some place with a bad and a few pots and pans, not without it getting to me and having a mental breakdown. 
So what do I do about these well meaning people? Both at different times have turned me onto sells at shops that are not my normal shopping place that I have saved money and got things I needed, or suggest a place I did not think of. So cutting them out of my life while possible would not be me first or even tenth choice.

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  • Thank you for your concern. I have a plan in place that works for me, but I'll be sure to reach out in the future if I have any questions. Let's talk about something more interesting!

    • jenmas For the that would work, the other who really helps me figure things out not so much, especially when I start the conversation. It seems that there comes a line at times, that I just get irked about things. 

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