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Import connection for new budget worked fine, but starting balance began in the current month (Aug 2018). I'd like it to start July 2018 but don't see how to do that. Help please.

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  • YNAB is all about budgeting what you have NOW and going from there, so the best option is to just start with today's balance and budget out what you have.

    However, the way to do it is to change the date of the "Starting Balance" transaction to the date that you would like, then change the starting balance to the balance it was at that date. Make sure to then manually record any transactions that have happened since then, because YNAB won't import past transactions.

    I actually did this for a fresh start I did mid-August. Because I wanted my reports to reflect the whole month of August, I back-dated my starting balances to August 1st and manually put in transactions I'd already made, like mortgage, etc. It takes a bit more work, and is against the philosophy of starting where you're at, but it is possible.

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  • There really is no benefit to backdating your start date.

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  • Anyone who wants to include the full month that they've decided to start a budget in will want to backdate to the beginning of the month. "Budgeting what you have NOW" is mere rationalization for a function that YNAB has, for whatever reason, chosen not to provide.

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  • I am a newbie and just setup YNAB.  I noticed that my checking starting balance = what the Bank shows.  However, the bank balance reflects transactions in process that are not yet in YNAB.  I think that when I import those transactions tomorrow (when they post), then things will be off.  How should I handle this?  Will this be an on-going problem -- ?  It seems if I edit my starting balance to back out the transactions in process, this will work.  However, the checking balance in YNAB will not reflect what shows at the bank which will be confusing.

    • mimekiller Hi there! This happens sometimes when you pull in your Starting Balance. You can fix it one of two ways:

      1. Edit the Starting Balance and increase the amount (assuming the pending transactions are purchases!) so that it no longer reflects those pending transactions.
      2. When the pending transactions import, delete them.

      This is an issue that only affects the starting balance and won't be an ongoing problem. Thanks for giving YNAB a try!

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