Credit Card Transactions Not Working Properly

I'm having issues with my credit card transactions lately. In the last couple of months I've been having issues that I've never had before (been using YNAB for 5 years, NYNAB for over a year) where my credit card payment account was less than my balance. I scoured my register for a missing transaction and couldn't find one. I gave up, reconciled and made an adjustment to eat the difference, and moved on. It happened again two weeks later. Not enough money, no missing transactions. It's been happening since then where I'm somehow constantly behind. I've just been assuming I'm messing up somehow but trying to keep an eagle eye on it. Finally, today I entered a transaction and realized what must have been happening this whole time. I entered a transaction for $238.24, and as I watched, it only moved $134.19 into the Credit Card Payments category.  I have plenty of money in the category that the transaction is coming from, so that's not the issue. And when I look at the budget view, it shows the entire $238.24 coming out of the budget. But I can't make it move all the money into the Credit Card payments category. This must be what's been happening the last couple of months, but I didn't pick up on it because I assumed that the transaction part was happening correctly. Can someone help me figure out what's going on here?

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  • Also, I added a transaction for $27.82 and it added $55.74 to the Credit Card payments category. Something really screwy is going on with my credit card transactions. I feel so much better that I'm not a bad budgeter but what the heck man.

    • Forest Green Memory (725fbdbb6f70) When you have a moment, can you check the balance on your credit cards?

      Credit cards with positive balances are treated just like a checking account. When you record spending, no money moves to the payment category because no payment is needed.

      If that isn't the case, can you check your Available amounts? I know you said the full amount is taken from the category, but does that leave the category orange or overspent? 

      If neither of those are the culprit, let me know and we can take a closer look at what's going on!

  • Thanks Faness. The balance in the credit card account is positive, but it's not enough to cover the balance. The available amounts are not the issue - there is more than enough money to cover the transactions and doesn't leave the categories overspent. 

    • Forest Green Memory (725fbdbb6f70) Sorry for the delay here! You said the credit card account is positive, correct? If so, that prevents money from being moved to your payment category.

      For instance, let's say you have a credit card balance of positive $50. If you then spend $60 on Groceries, even if the full $60 is budgeted for in your category, only $10 will move to your credit card category (because you'll only have a negative $10 balance on the credit card).

      Take a look at this Help Doc that goes over having a Positive Balance on a credit card

      If that doesn't answer things, just let me know! :)

  • I am having the same exact problem. I have two accounts in YNAB -- checking account and one credit card -- both auto linked. My online balances always matches my YNAB balances. My transactions always go to a budget category. I pay the credit card balance in full every month with a transfer from checking to credit card. I feel like I am doing everything correctly, but the automatic "Credit Card Payments" is off every month, putting a red blemish on my budget. I have made adjustments similar to those mentioned in this thread, but it still is off every month. What's the deal? Since I pay off the credit card every month, would I be better of treating like a checking account -- letting the balance go negative until I make a payment, thus bypassing the automatic credit card feature?

    • Sea Green Sun I bet we can figure out why this is going on! There are a few reasons your Credit Card Payment category might go red, even if you are a paid in full CC user.

      The most common is past overspending, but since it sounds like you're aware of this (and are typically only spending budgeted funds on the card), the next thing to check for would be to see if you budgeted for the starting balance on that card when you set it up in YNAB. If you didn't, you'll find that you have a persistent shortfall in your Credit Card Payment category.

      Let us know if that doesn't seem to be the root cause, and we can keep digging into this together! 

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