Why Direct Import should not be your primary data entry method

Here's two real-world reasons why you should not use Direct Import as your primary method of data entry.


1)  Accurate category balances - We went on vacation and on June 30th bought about $30 in the gift shop of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (home of Winter the dolphin). The charge wasn't captured on my credit card till this morning.... two months later.

If I hadn't been sitting on the manual entry, my vacation spending for that trip would have been closed out and I would have ended up moving that "unneeded" money somewhere else by now (and possibly spent it on something else), resulting in overspending.


2) Accurate account balances - I wrote a check back in May to my lawn guy that wasn't cashed until August when he received our second payment. If I hadn't manually entered the check in YNAB, I could have gotten in trouble with the checking account balance. This is an obvious one and the entire reason for having account registers in the first place.

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