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I've been trying to be able to determine my progress since beginning to use YNAB, but the reports in the system (even with the Toolkit) don't seem very helpful in determining this. I really enjoy slicing and dicing data, so maybe I just need to export my budget for each month and create my own reports, but I'm hoping there's an easier way. What I would really love to see is a budgeted vs. spent vs. goal by category report. I use goals in most of my categories so this would be incredibly helpful. I've run into instances where I need to budget for something during one month to then actually have activity in that category during the following month, but some months I'm less disciplined and end up needing to use money during the month of activity to fund the goal. I am looking for a better way to keep track of this and be able to view my progress against being more disciplined over time. Is this something that YNAB provides or is my best bet exporting my budgets at the end of each month and developing something on my own?

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  • Hi Nina Shelly !

    Currently, there aren't any reports in YNAB that take Goals into consideration. If you look at your budget, you can compare the amount Budgeted to the Activity to the amount Available, but that's a bit different than what you described. You can export the reports to take a closer look at the information, which might help if you're looking for a specific comparison. :)

    Also, you can submit a Feature Request to let our development team know you'd like to see more reports in the future!

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