Moving a credit card to a different budget...

I started tracking my business expenses last year in a separate ynab budget but I had a  credit card that was opened before I made the switch.  I pay $60 per month out of my personal budget toward that business credit account so I have it listed in both budgets.  How can I remove it from my personal budget without mucking it up?  

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  • I closed the account and created a tracking account with a positive balance equal to the amount owed so the overall net amount is zero.  I am already budgeting correctly in my biz budget so not worried about the tracking at all in my personal budget.  Anyone see a negative to this solution?

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      Jo you should have just made the balance zero and closed the card. No need for the fake positive account 

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  • I have exactly the same issue, so I'm wondering how this has worked out!

    • Tomato Ink You can reconcile the credit card account to a zero balance in your personal budget, then close (but don't delete) the account.

      Double check if there is money in the Credit Card Payment category, and move money out if needed, then hide the category.

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  • Thanks, I did it. It seems to have worked! 🤞

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