Should I budget for credit card payment?


I looked at my credit card statement balance and paid it like the picture attached. See it says no category needed.

BUT  in the budget tab there is also another section for credit card payment.

What is the difference? Does it mean I should take money put here too?

I think if you can analyze the numbers you see in my photos then I can understand better. Thanks a lot. 

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  • The credit card payment category is an automatic category that responds to transactions made on the credit card. If you are a Pay In Full credit card user, then you only need to adjust the budget for the category if the balances of the card and category are not the same (but the category will be positive).

    if you are carrying a balance on the card, you'll want to budget money to the card payment category to reserve it for paying down debt.

    A credit card payment does not need a category. it is an uncategorized transfer between the bank account and credit card. YNAB will automatically make the appropriate adjustment to the credit card payment category when this transfer is entered.

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  • Put another way: there is no difference because they're the same thing. The money for the payment automatically comes out of the budget line.

    If you hadn't made the payment of 858.27, your green number in the budget sheet would now be 1601.75. It subtracted 858.27 from the card category when you made the payment.

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  • Hi Slate Gray Projector !


    Looks like you're covered here, but I thought I'd pitch in with a few resources! Here’s a video explaining the two ways money gets into your credit card payment category, and here’s an article that covers making credit card payments in detail! 😊

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