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I often have to pay for things for my job and wait for reimbursement.  I have a specific category for it and when I get reimbursed, I put the income directly to cover the debt in that category.  I used to be able to leave the debt in red if it carried over to the next month.  Now I think it just subtracts from my available budget the next month. Is there any way to keep it negative/red from month to month?  By doing it that way I can keep track of what my company owes me and it helps me remember to submit a reimbursement report.  


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  • You have to use a debt instrument to carry debt in the web app, in order to keep your cash squared away. 

    If you spent in cash but are awaiting reimbursement, you can temporarily move money that the budget has reserved for paying down your credit card. This will reduce the amount available for paying the card, which is accurate--some of the money you'd otherwise have sent is tied up with your employer.

    (If you spent in credit, just leave it overspent. Same result.)

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  • Credit overspending just increases debt on cc, and you budget directly to the cc payment category in the following month.

    Cash overspending subtracts from TBB. However, there is nothing stopping you from manually entering a negative value in the same expense category in the next month. This will return the TBB to the monthly amount and put the negative red overspend right back into the category you used for the original purchase in the previous month.

  • How to handle reimbursements is an important topic, so a section of our Help Docs is dedicated to it. 

    How you handle reimbursements will depend on how you covered the transaction initially. If you used your own cash to cover the expense, it's best to budget for the expense upfront. When you receive the reimbursement, you can use that cash to budget towards any of your categories.

    If you cover the expense on your credit card and wait until you receive the reimbursement to pay the card, you'll let the credit overspending (yellow Available amounts) carryover instead of budgeting for them. The Help Doc goes over how to treat the reimbursement if you receive it in the same month or in the following month.

    Take a look there and let me know if you still have questions! :)

  • Cyan Pegasus

    It's been a few days, so I'm going to mark this as answered. If you still have questions, just mention me in a comment and I'll get back to you! :)

  • I have a similar question.  I intentionally overspent two categories in April with the thought that the negative balances would carry over to May and that I would budget available dollars to them in May and June, if necessary, to bring them back to $0.  The problem is that the negative balance did not carry over and the available amount is set to $0 for both categories.  How do I account for this April overspending in May and maybe in June and beyond?  Do I allocate dollars to my credit card budget?  Is there a way to manually adjust the overspent categories?

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