transfers, VISA payments and reconcilinh

Im a bit new here so pls bear with me!


My Chequing account budget tells me to make a Visa Payment. In my online bank account I transfer the amount from my chequeing account to my Visa. It reduces my Visa balance and notes that my current balanced is reduced by the payment amount but that the statement balance still has not recorded the payment reduction (ie it hasn't been processed). Back in YNAB I "record payment" in my Visa account. I clear the payment transfer in Chequeing and Visa (but don't think I should have done that because they haven't been processed by my bank yet?) AND in my budget it now says that I have over paid my Visa (by the exact amount I paid) and have an extra bunch of money to budget and my Visa account total doesn't reflect the reduced amount (unless i reconcile it manually).???



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  • Hmm, in YNAB a credit card "payment" is really recorded as a "transfer" between accounts. So did you record your payment as a funds "transfer" from checking to credit card?

    Of course the balance on a CC is usually negative (debt!) so transferring funds to a CC account results in a negative number getting, well, less negative. :)

    It helps, too, if you have been categorizing and budgeting funds for CC transactions the whole time. I find if I overlook a transaction that's when things get out of sync. 

    • Scott 


      Yes, it was a transfer from chequing to Visa

      Yes, I understand my Visa will be in the red until my debt is paid off but it still doesnt add up. For example, my available funds for Visa payment was $400. I transferred $400 from chequeing to Visa. My Visa balance (debt) increased $400, it didnt improve by $400 and my chequeing account is still saying I have (another?) $400 available for Visa payments and I have not overspent.


      I have been keeping on top of recording and clearing my transactions. I just went through my actual bank transactions and my YNAB transactions and nothing is missing.

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      Alice Blue Sander When you did the transfer, did you accidentally record it as a credit  to checking and a withdrawal from the credit card account in the account register? 

  • Hi Alice Blue Sander !

    When you say your Chequing budget told you to make the payment, do you mean the funds were listed in the Available column? If so, then transferring the funds from your chequing to the credit card account shouldn't have caused any overspending. If that money wasn't in the Available column, then the overspending would show in red.

    When your Credit Card Payment category is red, it can take some investigating to find out why. This can happen if you didn’t budget enough for credit card spending, made a payment which created a positive balance on the card, or if you had some recent returns or refunds. Do any of those sound like they may be the case here? 

    • Faness Thanks!

      No refund, returns or a positive balance on my CC.

      I am not sure what you mean by budgeting enough for CC spending? I have budgeted for paying off my debt over time and then I was under the impression that funds I have budgeted per category are automatically moved into my available funds for CC payments since I record those transactions under my Visa account? Is there something Im missing?

    • Faness 

      Oh, and it does not record my available funds for Visa payments in the red or overspent, it actually looks like I have the same available funds AFTER transferring that amount to make a Visa payment.

    • Alice Blue Sander If none of those are the case, it sounds like we may need to dive a little deeper on this one! I just sent you a request via email. If you’re up for it, please take a look and reply there to give us permission to access your budget. Then we'll continue our conversation here in the forum! 

  • Hi,

    since you are new, you may not know that in the first month, you need to budget for the  CC balance into the CC payment category. It's because you haven't budgeted for the expenses on your CC balance in YNAB before you started YNAB (obviously!).  So you need to tell YNAB how much of your CC balance is the debt you count on paying slowly and how much of it you intend to pay back in the first month. The way to do that is to budget to the YNAB payment category.

    As for the balance of you CC account in YNAB, it should be affected right away if you recorded the payment as a transfer between your accounts and not just a transaction. 

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  • Thanks!


    I did budget for my existing Visa debt with a goal of how to pay it in the visa Payment category when I started. I did list it as a transfer not a transaction, so thank you for telling me this should affect my balance right away, that is helpful.

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  • done. thanks!

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