EU Bank Inporting

Hi, is there any possibility od future bank imports from European (well, for me it's Czech Republic) banks? All European banks should now have open API, so it should be possible...

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  • Hi Michal Petricek !

    Great question! As of now, none of our Direct Import partners support banks outside of the US/Canada (a few UK banks, but they're in testing!). 馃槉

    While we don't have any official plans (or even non official plans), we're super excited about the recent Open Banking news and the possibilities it'll bring for data aggregation as a whole! 

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      • koukol
      • koukol
      • 1 yr ago
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      Hi Jannelle 

      Hope to hear more of this feature soon.

      I am convinced it would have your product blow the competition ("lightweight" budgeting / tracking solutions) away in my country (France).

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  • Which UK banks are you testing for direct imports? Is that feature able to be used by your average UK user yet?

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  • Hello there, very interested in the current status of this topic (for Switzerland here). 

    I would love to be able to link my bank-account to my YNAB-account. Your budgeting-system is great compared to the available alternatives here, however not being able to import my bank-data is difficult to accept.

    Is there any reason your focus is on the US and Canada? I truly believe that support for popular EU-banks could increase your user base a lot!

    Happy to hear from you.



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    • Hi Nick! Tomato Chef 

      We currently partner with three different Direct Import providers and none of them are able to provide solid support for international institutions. We had branched out to new providers hoping it would allow for a wider range of support, but that hasn't been the case. Our newest Direct Import partner wants to support these institutions, so there are some UK banks listed, but those connections aren't the most stable and are more prone to having issues. For now, they're working on fortifying those connections before branching out further. We're considering alternatives, because we want direct import to be a pleasant experience for all users, but we're still investigating our best plan of action here.

      We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. We're hoping to see a number of improvements for direct import going forward, but international support isn't in our immediate grasp.

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      • Blue Song
      • Blue_Song
      • 8 mths ago
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      Faness Have you considered SaltEdge? They seem to support the highest amount of European banks so far. I currently download .ofx files from the "Money Control app" which uses SaltEdge on a regular basis, so that I can import them into YNAB. This manual step costs lots of time, nerves and money (I need to pay Money Control as well). I'ld really rather give YNAB the money rather than have this workaround...

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    • Hi Blue Song !

      Sorry for the extra step there! I'm glad you've found a process that works, but we hope to someday be able to cut out that middle man. :)

      Would you mind submitting a Feature Request for SaltEdge? That goes directly to our development team so it gets put on the list of possibilities. 

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      • Blue Song
      • Blue_Song
      • 8 mths ago
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      Faness Done. Thank you.

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  • I'm managing without in the Czech Republic and look forward to full support in the EU.

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  • Any news about this integration? 

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    • Hi Khaki Pilot !

      We'd love to be able to provide Direct Import for international financial institutions, but because our third-party partner moved away from supporting banks outside the US and Canada, it's not in our plans for the immediate future. Direct Import is currently unstable and riddled with issues for the banks we currently support, so we want to improve this process before expanding our reach to additional financial institutions. That said, if there鈥檚 a specific international institution you鈥檇 like considered for the future I hope you鈥檒l take a moment to suggest it in the app, if you haven鈥檛 already!

      If you have any questions about that, please don't hesitate to ask!

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    • Faness I understand, priority should be on making direct import very stable before expanding.
      But I hope that you realise that I am looking for a service which can real time update my transactions and I can check my budgets where ever I am. I am sure that that is your mission and you are working on it. 

      But basically my bank can do that, but they do not allow me and my wife to share it, and their focus is not to budget but to bank. So there is a YNAB sized gap waiting in Europe, where banks are required to have an API (not sure if real time is possible :) )

      I am waiting for you!

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    • Khaki Pilot Thank you so much for sharing your insights here! We expect some delay with needing transactions to be cleared before importing, but we want those connections to be stable and reliable. We'll continue to work on improving the YNAB experience - direct import included! :)

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  • Hi Faness !

    Thank you for the excellent work on YNAB in general.

    However, I think you can see that many EU YNAB customers are somehow frustrated on the way as they are treated by YNAB currently. I think the standard answer that a direct import is not within the immediate or near future is back many years now. 

    So maybe you can suggest a way, besides making a Feature Request or voting for institutions within YNAB. This topic needs to get to the right people within your company to reprioritise your product development for more international support.

    Would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    • Hi Patrick !

      Thank you for weighing in here! I understand the frustrations in this thread and I'm sorry I don't have better news. At this point in time, we're not where we want to be with direct import for banks in the US and Canada. Before we expand to international banks, we want to improve the direct import experience overall. While we do intend to keep direct import for international financial institutions on our radar, we have a long way to go before we'll be able to successfully support it.

      We're still gathering suggestions and feedback via the outlets you mentioned. We understand direct import needs improving and we're working on it!

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  • I have been following this discussion for a while now. It is unfortunate  that European banks are still not supported for direct import, this has been a requested feature for a very long time now. I have been using the manual import option for the past year but this is not a long term solution for me. The manual downloading, converting and then importing of the transactions is just to much work (especially if you have more than one account). And it also defeats one of the main purpose of YNAB. If I want to quickly check if I still have enough budget in one category before making a purchase, I can't trust my budget because the data in the App is at least a couple of days behind. 

    Is there a way to promote highly requested features?

    Given the current situation I unfortunately won't be renewing my subscription after the current year passed. As soon as this feature is added, I will happily come back.


    Best regards,


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      • Wessel
      • wessel
      • 1 mth ago
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      Magenta Drum Before YNAB can connect to European banks, these steps are required:

      1. The banks have to provide an API
      2. The API has to be accessible (f.e., the Dutch banks are required to grant access, but the approval process limits this to a few large local players)
      3. A European company (say "Company A") has to market a single front-end interface for lots of banks
      4. YNAB has to have enough European customers to justify company A's fee

      As far as I can tell, the average European bank is not at step 1 yet. So having YNAB connect to European banks is many years away.

      To promote automatic imports, switch to a bank with an open API like Revolut or bunq, and try to set up the sync yourself. If enough people do this, banks will wake up and try to compete.

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    • Hi Robin!

      I wish I had better news, but at this time, we aren't able to rush our move into support for international direct import. As Wessel mentioned, there are a number of steps that need to be taken before we can accomplish this feat and we want to improve the direct import experience before expanding.

      While we're keeping this on our radar, we know it will be a while before we're ready to offer this option.

      Magenta Drum 

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